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  • Dubrovnik panorama photo features crowds of people swimming on Banje beach just in front of Dubrovnik
  • View of Dubrovnik from the northern side
  • Close up panorama picture of one of Dubrovnik forts - Bokar Fortress
  • Minceta fort is seen in close up standing high over Dubrovnik red roof tops
  • A tour boat can be seen sailing in front of Dubrovnik walls
  • Dubrovnik Stone Window, Dubrovnik cathedral in back, Marin Drzic monument can be seen in front who is a famous Croatian playwrite
  • Close up photo of an engraved stone master piece, decorated column in front of the Rectors Palace in Dubrovnik
  • Most famous street of Dubrovnik is Stradun, all Dubrovnik tours pass Stradun
  • Bokar fortress is and Kolorina bay in Dubrovnik are viewed from the Western point. A GOT reminescant photo

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Woman is seen overlooking red city roof tops on a Dubrovnik tour

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Man is seen sitting down and relaxing overlooking beautiful Dubrovnik area panorama on a Dubrovnik day tour

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View of Stradun front of Bell tower in Dubrovnik Croatia
Experience Dubrovnik - Fill on life

Croatia is well known for its historical heritige and natural beauties. Croatian coast and its thousand islands are indented with many tourist sights and resorts. Travelling to Croatia is simple as the country is located on the crossroads of Europe taking up its place in an area of mild and rewarding climate. Our maps will help you get you going and help on your trip to Croatia.

The Adriatic Sea is one of cleanest seas in the world as almost all of the inumerable beaches hoist the blue flag, assurance of sea water quality. All beaches in Dubrovnik are checked regularly for sea quality and are consistently proven clean and safe.

The Mediterranean cuisine is superb and Croatian diet, which includes fish, olive oil, and fine wine, is documented to be among the healthiest as well as one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. Dubrovnik dishes and specialities are delicious.

Croatia is a filled with beaches and many illustrious wonders of nature. Yet some wonders, great wonders, are made by men; that is Dubrovnik, a magnificent walled city, thousands of years old. Built stone by stone, stone on stone; its walls intact, tall and proud, its forts mighty yet peaceful. The whole Dubrovnik is a monument, as listed by UNESCO, with its rich history a monument and celebration of that evitable and universal dream: freedom!

Dubrovnik, Dalmatia and Istria form the coastal part of Croatia featuring more than a thousand islands. Dalmatia and Istria make up to more than 80 % of coastal Croatia and are full of culture and wonderful historical monuments but none of these monuments can compare to Croatia's jewel, Dubrovnik, its tourism oriented region and its old and ancient culture. There is no industry in the whole Dubrovnik region. However there are the traditional salt panes, the many vineyards, olive, citrus, and crab tree plantations. Apart for rich history and culture, our city is abundant with places for tranquil rest and wild fun, perfect for tours, both leisures and excursions. Usually Dubrovnik excursuions include day trips to Mostar, Medjugorje or Montenegro

There are many things to do in Croatia and Dubrovnik is no different. It is not all about day tours. Dubrovnik Nightlife is vibrant and somewhat unique as everything revolves about Stradun street. Cultural offering is rich and full of festivities and festivals, most notably Dubrovnik Summer Festival and the Feast of St Blaise among others such as Dubrovnik film festival.

Except for tours, day trips and sightseeing, Dubrovnik is perfectly located to enjoy diving and hiking as it is close both to the marvelous islands only minutes away from the City Dubrovnik, like Lokrum, Mljet or Elaphite islands, and the hills in th hinterland. Wheteher you search for adventures or heritige Dubrovnik offers it all.

So come with us and see this beautiful pearl rightfully named The Pearl of the Adriatic. Come and experience a perfect vacation in our city - Dubrovnik. You can use this site like your personal travel guide to Croatia where you'll find all the information you'll ever need. Come to Dubrovnik, guide yourself on this site and experience The Mediterranean as it once was...

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Dubrovnik guide - How it all started

Dubrovnik Guide is operated by local Dubrovnik guides. It was founded in 2002 by a group of college students, internet and Dubrovnik enthuasiasts, as an attempt to broaden their web development skills and promote Dubrovnik as a destination. At first we have used a free domain as to see if we could make an effect and if there would even be an interest for our efforts.

Then, encouraged by good response, in 2005 we have decided to purchase a full fledged domain hence the beginning of Dubrovnik Guide on the current domain. Same year we started a cooperation with several Dubrovnik guides as to offer Dubrovnik tours to our visitors as we encountered increasing amount of questions regarding tours in Dubrovnik. Also we were successful to offer several Dubrovnik adventures to our visitors as the inquiries rolled in.

In 2007 first of our team attended and passed the exam for a licensed Dubrovnik guide hence our site gained on authenticity growing to a professional standard and as such was quoted in Wikipedia and copied all over the web.

In 2009, as Dubrovnik popularity grew and Dubrovnik was once again a popular tourist destination hundreds of Dubrovnik related web sites started sprouting up and our site lost the prominence it once had. Decade has passed since a group of students just wanted to do something for fun and we are still here to offer you Dubrovnik tours, information, and activities... and even today what we do is still FUN!

Should you be interested in our Dubrovnik tours please note that we take a limited number of tours each year as we do this for fun rather than profession. What we do is mostly private tours on a custom basis hence all our tours form on your interest regardless of the itineraries. All our tours are relaxed, informative, and with a unsurpassed passion for Dubrovnik that will make a difference. All our Dubrovnik tours are fair priced and you get excellecnt value on your money. We are all licensed Dubrovnik guides, locals (experts by birth), and we would be delighted to immerse you into the beautiful Dubrovnik as we know it.

Wishing you a pleasent stay in Dubrovnik and Croatia.

Dubrovnik Guide Team

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“My family and I were recently on a Meditteranean cruise abroad the Celebrity Century. We were in Dubrovnik and had a tour booked with you. I am writing to say how much we enjoyed it. Our guide was excellent. He was very pleasant, provided us with lots of history about Croatia and Dubrovnik. We were 100% satisfied. We would definitely recommend you to anyone going to Dubrovnik. Thank you again.” - Vera, Rodney, Ryan and Eric

“Again, just wanted to commend you on a job well done with our tour. My parents really enjoyed it (even though my dad was working, he still soaked in some of the information). I will certainly recommend you to friends or family that are heading out to Dubrovnik on vacation.” - Joy

“Greeting from Dublin! Hope you are well!!! I spoke to the tour leader at her return from Croatia. She told me that she had a wonderful time and she was very pleased with the 2 guided tours we booked with you. Thank you very much for giving our clients a great service and we hope to work with you again in the future.” - Francoise

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