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Area Dubrovnik Tour

Area Dubrovnik Tour - Half Day Tour

One of the most flexible private Dubrovnik tours is good for everyone and highly recommended to those limited in time and wanting to experience the most of Dubrovnik in that limited time. This is one of the most popular Dubrovnik shore tours for the cruise vessel visitors.

Area Dubrovnik tour starts wherever suits you. This Dubrovnik day tour starts with exploring Dubrovnik Old Town and then proceeds on a journey to the countryside to explore more sights and discover beautiful Dubrovnik vista points offering unprecedented panoramas and unique landscapes. The drive along the coastal road is picturesque and relaxing. Depending on your interest several stops are made along the way and any of the numerous picturesqe towns or villages within Dubrovnik area are visited. One of the most popular stops is the town of Cavtat with its exquisite seaside promenande or alternatively the Arboretum in Trseno with its beautiful green gardens (used as location to film HBO´s Game of Thrones serial).

  • Tour itinerary forms on your interests
  • Meeting point is very flexibile and is basically your choice
  • You tour Dubrovnik area in a modern and air conditioned vehicle
  • Forget Selfies! Personal guide is someone to take photos of you on your Dubrovnik tour
  • Local recommendations or any arrangemets is something our guides are good at
  • For the sake of flexibility entry fees are excluded from the price of the tour
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