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Buza beach

 beach dubrovnik bužaLittle door in The City walls, the door of St. Stjepan (Stephen) opens a view to white rocks, blue sea and Lokrum island in direct vicinity.

St. Stjepan door brings you to Buza, a bathing spot on the stony slopes under the City walls at the southern part of The City. A spot easily reached by using any of the streets behind the Dubrovnik cathedral. Bathing on the place where The City walls sprout out to the sky and the feel of tranquil isolation combined with the heavenly view are the main advantages of this lovely beach.

dubrovnik beach old townDuring the spring and summer months a beach bar is opened for the on spot cool drink refreshment to fight back the swelter and in the evening hours the whole place is transformed with the reddish flame of torches into a romantic oasis of converse, new friendships and companionships.

Buza beach and the St. Stjepan door are not to be confused with Buza gate which is an entrance to the CIty from the north.

Buza in Croatian is written as Buža (pronounced: "BuZHa").
Translated into english Buza would mean simply "hole", alluding at the passage or a door in the City walls

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dubrovnik old town city map
We will just mention that there are two Buza beaches and bars on the South of the City, as you can clearly see on the pictures, but we will give you a chance for this one to explore for yourself. Enjoy :)

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