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The City of Dubrovnik

Where is Dubrovnik ? Map!Dubrovnik, Croatia is a medium sized city located on the very south of the Republic of Croatia on the Adriatic coast.

'The City' or 'Grad' as the locals call it has an exceptionally rich historical heritage and culture which make Dubrovnik very popular among tourists who come to Croatia. The term "The City" (Grad) was coined by the proud citizens in the height of the Dubrovnik Republic when the trade, culture, and arts in Dubrovnik were at its peak and Dubrovnik seemed to be the center of trade on the Adriatic and the Mediterannean. The term "Grad" reffers only to the Old Town Dubrovnik whereas Dubrovnik includes also the surrounding suburban area.

Dubrovnik with the immediate vicinity has approximately 30000 inhabitants. whereas in The City itself is nowdays inhabited with no more than 1500 people whereas 20 years ago The Old town teemed with approximately 5000 souls. The reason for this populaton decline is the high demand for property within the City walls and the corresponding high price on the real estate market. Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. The preserved unique charm of Dubrovnik was recognised by the world community in 1979 and the Old Town Dubrovnik is featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List ever since.

Being a cultural centre, as well as the craddle of Croatian sciences and arts,
Dubrovnik represents a unique example of well preserved urban complex,
with a regular distribution of streets and squares dating back to the periods of Renaissance and Baroque.

dubrovnik panorama
Dubrovnik - panorama of The Old Town

Mild and rewarding climate with lush green nature, crystal clear sea and numerous beaches coupled with rich history and culture are all a part of the exciting combination that makes Dubrovnik a perfect place for vacation.
Hence the whole economy of Dubrovnik is based on tourism. The hotels, museums, nature parks, souvenir shops, restaurants, tours, and the many adventures are the factories of Dubrovnik. As for the real factories, there are none! The popular studies at the University of Dubrovnik are related to the sea, management, and tourism, the very things Dubrovnik lives on.

Dubrovnik Old Town - The City

Dubrovnik is characterized by functional simplicity from the mighty defensive walls being a visible bulwark of its "sweet and precious freedom" in the words of Dubrovnik's own Baroque poet Ivan Gundulic whose poem later became somewhat of the City's popular anthem, to the seemingly modest Rector's Palace, reflecting moderation and wisdom, some would say the real defenders of Dubrovnik Republic throughout the course of history.

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