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City Dubrovnik Tour

City Dubrovnik Tour - About the Tour

One of our most popular private Dubrovnik tours is affordable and highly recommended to anyone as it showcases the best of Dubrovnik in one simple tour that shapes around your interets.

City Dubrovnik tour starts just outside Dubrovnik City walls. Meeting point or pick up is at the hotel, cruise vessel, or anywhere else according to mutual agreement. This compact Dubrovnik Tour will let you see, hear, and feel the ages of the white stone city. Our experienced tour guide would take you on a journey through Dubrovnik streets and lets you appreciate the memories etched within the stone slabs. The tour is flexible and highly personal hence anything happens on your preference: walk around Dubrovnik City walls or visit to any of the numerous Dubrovnik museums, or a trip uphill with the Dubrovnik Cable car to a vista point - in this tour anything goes. At the end of the tour you would become familiar with the outlining of the city and would be able to get around Dubrovnik on your own. Being a private tour the experience is laid back and informal and you are able to ask anything.

  • This is a private walking tour of Dubrovnik
  • <
  • You tour with a licensed Dubrovnik guide
  • This tour may take you on Dubrovnik City Walls
  • Expert tours of Dubrovnik museums are a reality with your personal guide
  • Riding Dubrovnik Cable car to Srdj vista point is a possibility
  • The tour takes two to four hours and explores all major attractions of Dubrovnik Old Town
  • Tour itinerary forms on your interests
  • Meeting location is flexible
  • Transport can be arranged on request
  • Forget Selfies! Personal guide is someone to take photos of you on your Dubrovnik tour
  • Local recommendations or any arrangemets is something our guides are good at
  • For the sake of flexibility entry fees are excluded from the price of the tour
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