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Dance beach

Danče beach is located just under the convent complex with a votive onenave Church of St. Mary (Our Lady of Danče) and the remanants of the oldest 15th century Ragusan lazarettos (quarantine building).

danče beachIt is a nice rock beach with view of the open sea and the Miramar bay. Like everywhere in Dubrovnik the sea on Danče is wonderful blue and clean, maybe a bit colder as suited for a promontorie beach. (pic)

Being on a promontorie Danče is more an open beach, not sheltered, so it's not advisable to go there with small children during the rough weather as big waves are likely to come up.

It's interesting to know that the nuns in the convent have a custom of waiving and ringing bells to greet ships sea passing the convent.

Getting to Danče is fairly simple, it's position is about 200 m (600 feet) of the City. You go uphill from Pile for about 70 m (200 feet) and turn to the street of Dante Alghieri to get to Gradac. When on Gradac you can see the convent so basically you're there.

Danče, pronounced in Croatian: (Dan che)

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