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Dubrovnik Romance

Dubrovnik, this fair city of great palaces, made out of angel white stone, is indeed a city of romance. Dubrovnik's astonishing medieval and fairytale like appearance surrounded by out of this world landscape make 'city of romance', an understatement. Choose your romance:

Dubrovnik cultural romance
(theatre and plays; cultural happenings)

Dubrovnik walks and sunsets

Dubrovnik night swim

Dubrovnik beach restaurants and night bars

Dubrovnik weddings

Dubrovnik cultural romance
(theatre and plays; cultural happenings)

All throughout the year there are various cultural happenings in Dubrovnik, a little something for you and your sweetheart but...
...every summer 'The City of Culture' welcomes the eager artists from around the globe into The City to reopen the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

In a fabulous traditional ceremony on Stradun in front of the Orlando statue artists perform a small part of featured Dubrovnik Summer Festival performances in order to be presented with the key of The City to do as they please, to entertain, to dance to put up concerts and plays for amusement of the folk. And after the key has been handed and the Liberty Hymn played while raising the Libertas flag on top of the mast on Orlando statue, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is considered open.

Oh you beautiful, oh you dear, sweet liberty,
the gift that Almighty God gave us,
the cause of truth and all our glory,
the only adornment of Dubrava;
Neither all the silver and gold,
nor the human lives
can match your pure beauty!
dubrovnik libertas flag The Libertas flag was the secondary flag of the Dubrovnik Republic, the so called civil flag. It's design may vary.
Liberty Hymn, verses from Dubravka, written by Ivan Gundulic, Dubrovnik's 17th century writer, considered to be one of the greatest Croatian writers. These immortal verses describe true Dubrovnik spirit with high praise to value of freedom.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival, features many famous plays from local and foreign writers. The works of Shakespeare, Molliere, Drzic staged on equally famous stage, Dubrovnik this monumental and only authentic stage in the world giving a special feel to these famous medieval plays. Plays like Hamlet performed on Fort Lovrijenac, an unforgettable experience, something to talk on return home and best shared with loved ones.
Except plays Dubrovnik Summer Festival features musical concerts, the works of immortal composers, like Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi performed in the Atrium of the Rector's Palace, one of the best ambient's for classical and chamber music concerts or some concerts performed in the open like Carl Orf's Carmina Burana in front of the St. Ignatius church.
Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the key cultural happening during the summer with hundreds of featured artists, street artists, special workshops, various exhibitions of mainstream and alternative art. Dubrovnik Summer Festival has a little something for everyone.

Dubrovnik walks and sunsets

The best place for romantic walks and leisure in general is Dubrovnik's city part called Lapad followed by the adjoining Babin Kuk. Lapad is called the whole peninsula just west of The City. Peninsula Lapad includes Babin Kuk but locally these are two different Dubrovnik parts. Getting confused ? Go to Dubrovnik maps
The best place in Lapad is 'Uvala Lapad' or 'Uvala' meaning 'Bay', a wonderful and green nature surrounded promenade walkway with many cafe bars featuring dim and personal atmosphere during the evenings. At the end of this walkway is a beach with the same name 'Uvala'. We pass just north of the beach and go westward along a beautiful Lapad coastline walkway with view of the Lapad Bay beaches and The Elaphite Islands, a walkway with many places for undisturbed rest in the wonderful green and the view at the astonishing sunset beyond The Elaphite Islands.
Following this same path eventually we end up in Babin Kuk, the most western part of Dubrovnik. It is worth to mention that Babin Kuk also has its promenade walkway called 'Little Stradun' surrounded by nature and various sport playing grounds. Of course our little path goes all around peninsula Lapad and brings us back not far from the place we started our walk. The whole walk is about 4,5 km.

Mala and Velika Petka (Small and Great Petka) hills provide an excellent pine shaded walks and the end of the walk, the top, is a rewarding vista spot from where you can see far to the Dubrovnik archipelago, as far as Mljet on one side and the other side far horizon on the open sea as well as a nice view of Lapad and Gruz. Not to mention an amazing, as if, never ending sunset enjoyed from this location. The walk is about 1,5 km.

The City has the most popular short romance walks is to Porporela, The City's breakwater, offering a seat and view to Lokrum, sea and gulls, walk to Porporela, known as the lovers walk.
Other places close but outside Dubrovnik featuring great walkways, sunsets and countryside: Cavtat, Mlini, Srebreno,Trsteno.
and islands: Lokrum and The Elaphite Islands and of course Mljet (a little farther but worth the trip)

Night swim in Dubrovnik

... is a romance activity number one, just choose one of the many beaches in Dubrovnik Region and go for a dive to discover a new world of light and musical dance of plankton in the starry Adriatic

Dubrovnik beach restaurants

Many beaches in Dubrovnik have their own night bars and restaurants, featuring a romantic candle light atmosphere and a slow quiet playing music. Best such night bars are on Buza beach and Uvala beach and a night bar on Neptun beach.

Dubrovnik weddings

Ever dreamed of a wedding worthy of a prince or a princess? Wedding planners in Dubrovnik are able to take care of your Dubrovnik wedding arrangements and make it a fairytale wedding worth a life long story telling.
Just imagine a wedding in a thousand year old city with mighty forts and luxury palaces. What would your friends say ? Would they turn green from envy?
There are all sorts of options for your Dubrovnik wedding as you can do it underwater, in the beautiful Adriatic, or high up above the clouds at the mighty Revelin fort.

Romance is in Dubrovnik ! Dream, Explore, Discover.

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