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Jewish Legacy Dubrovnik Tour

Jewish Legacy Tour - Jews in Dubrovnik

A very informative tour tells the story of Jewish community in Dubrovnik throughout centuries and showcases the legacy including the second oldest synagogue in Europe which is said to be the oldest Sephardic synagogue still in use.

Jewish legacy tour is a private walking tour of Dubrovnik with special focus on Jewish history and life in Dubrovnik. Tour explores the Jewish quarter and the synagogue in Dubrovnik. The synagogue is also a museum featuring many arttifacts from Jewiish history in Dubrovnik. On the tour you will learn all about the Jewish fountain, the Jewish quarter, the synagogue and learn about all aspects of Jewish life in Dubrovnik.

  • Tour itinerary forms on your interest
  • Meeting point is flexibile
  • Transport can be arranged on request
  • Forget Selfies! Personal guide is someone to take photos of you on your Dubrovnik tour
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