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Lopud Island

One of the most interesting Dubrovnik islands is like a product of wild imagination. Lopud, this magnificent Dubrovnik island is located between Kalamota and Sipan islands, perfection surrounded by beauty.

Lopud Island - Ferry arrives to Lopud
Ferry arrives to Lopud settlement - It takes about one hour from Dubrovnik

Lopud is an island of true Adriatic summer feel, full of Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, amazing cypress and pine parks and citrus gardens are form the landscape of this magnificent island. It is no wonder then that in the time of the Dubrovnik Republic this island was a preferred spot of the patrician families to build a summer residence. Throughout history Lopud has been known as an island of sea-captains providing the Dubrovnik Republic with many highly reputed seamen among them the illustrious captain Miho Pracat who is the only commoner (actually the only person) to whom the Dubrovnik Republic gave respect by erecting a monument.

The island itself is 4,6 square kilometres (1150 acres; roughly 1,8 square miles) large and has only one settlement, located in a bay, named Lopud on the far side of the island towards Sipan. A small path leads out of Lopud and leads across the island to a miraculous beach in the Bay of Sunj, the Sunj beach.

Sunj beach at Lopud Island
Sunj Beach on Lopud island is a pure sandy beach with knee deep water

Sunj beach is one of a kind on the Adriatic, maybe even the whole Mediterranean. It is a sandy beach spreading across the whole bay with knee deep water reaching as far as 100 meters (300 feet) of the beach, ideal for children and for playing all sorts of water sports, mainly picigin, Dubrovnik's favourite summer sport. The sea in Sunj bay and other Lopud beaches, like in the whole of Dubrovnik Riviera, is Mediterranean warm and crystal clear, except on Sunj where it's a bit warmer because it is a shallow sandy beach.

If you dislike the long stroll across the island there is also a nice sandy beach in the Lopud settlement.

Beach at Lopud Settlement
Sandy Beach at Lopud settlement - Kayak tour visits Lopud

According to the Dubrovnik historian Razzi, in 16th. century Lopud had 30 churches, a vast number of Dubrovnik aristocracy summer manors, several monasteries and greater population. Today on Lopud you can see numerous remains of early-medieval churches, summer manors and fortifications.

You can also visit a Franciscan monastery from 1483 with a cloister and a defence tower with walls. The monastery holds many valuable art works in its church of St. Mary of Spilica, with works of Pietra da Giovanni, Nikola Božidarević, Girolama da Santacroce, Bassana and many others. You can also visit the church of Our Lady of Sunj which is a cultural monument with many valuable paintings.

Lopud next to Lokrum is Dubrovnik's most treasured tourist excursion point and is very convenient to visit as ferry boats have a dense schedule to Lopud leaving out of, Port of Gruz in Dubrovnik.

Should you wish to make your visit to Lopud somewhat special we do recommend one of our boat cruises to the Elaphite islands or one of our Kayaking tours that go across the Elaphite islands. For the very special and private experience we do recommend our premium speed boat adventure with a fast boat and a skipper under your control.

For pictures of Lopud visit: Lopud Pictures

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