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Beneath the sunny sky in the Dubrovnik archipelago, like a mermaid's heaven, The Green Island plays in the sea. Unaware of its beauty, caressed by a soft breeze waves with forests of Aleppo pine trees.

Mljet DubrovnikMljet, this highly forested paradise is origin to many stories and legends. The stories about Odyssey and Apostle Paul, as well as stories of Benedictine monks and the Mediterranean Seal, they all take place here, on this amazing island only 30 km (15 miles) of Dubrovnik.

Mljet is the largest island in the Dubrovnik archipelago, it is an elongated island, 37 km in length and only an average of 3 km in width. In the northwestern part of the island is an area of 5.375 ha of protected land, the "Mljet" National Park.

mljetMljet National Park is a beautiful area of unique charm featuring two connected salty lakes, really the nature's masterpiece consisting of the Great Lake, covering an area of 145 ha, with a depth up to 46 m and the Small Lake with an area of 24 ha and a maximum depth of 29 m.

The natural secrets of both lakes have attracted many scientists over the years, as well as innumerable nature lovers seeking unspoiled nature. In the middle of the Great Lake a small isle, St. Mary, found its place with an ancient benedictine monastery and a small church dating to the 12th century. The small island bestows an exceptional aesthetic image to whole of Mljet and is a tourist favourite resort.

Beautiful, rich forest, surrounds the lakes and fills the park, featuring small wood roads and discrete pathways, ideal for hiking and bicycle rides. The woods gently descend all the way to the surface of the crystal clear lakes giving hikers, bikers and swimmers a refreshing shade, enhancing the tranquil feeling which Mljet radiates.

How to get there and what to do!

When you set out to go on Mljet you get to decide if you are going out of romance or adventure and if you take an extra day you can do both.

There are two ways to get to Mljet and both are by sea. You can either go by a slow ferry ship called “Postira” or a real fast catamaran “Nona Ana”. Each way has its advantages. Both trips start out of Dubrovnik's Port Gruz. There is also another ferry line to Mljet from Prapratno on Peljesac.

The slow ferry ship is a wonderful sightseeing experience, giving you a glimpse of all islands from Dubrovnik to Mljet as you pass along them, even a insight view as the ferry harbours to many islands of the Elaphite archipelago as a part of its line. The trip is an opportunity to make many unforgettable pictures and see what Dubrovnik Riviera is all about. Of course this kind of trip has it disadvantages, the main being the speed of the journey which is about 3hrs.

If you decide to go with the fast catamaran boat the time of the voyage is reduced considerably lasting less than 90 minutes but you won't be able to enjoy the sightseeing as you are not allowed on deck during the voyage. The feeling is similar to airplane flight, the speed, the seat and the small window.

Whatever way you choose to go you won't regret it, as The Green Island has something for everyone, beautiful walk paths and bicycle tracks, hundreds of unrevealed bathing spots, and many beaches including Saplunara beach and many many more attractions like the unavoidable Ulysses Cave


There is a rent for everything on Mljet, but the most popular:

Rent a car - to cross the island and get a good feel of fresh air and all the attractions in a small, really cool top open car

Rent a bike - to drive the bike, undisturbed, in fresh air on the most amazing wood tracks, perfect for everyone, young or old

Rent a kayak - to enjoy the Mljet lakes, rowing about

And remember when visiting Mljet National Park, bring your own water sports equipment mainly, mask, snorkel and flippers as the two lakes flourish with life and you might just see one of many endemic fish sorts in this water life sanctuary.

P. S.: Mljet endorses only one way of catching fish and that is on camera. Remember this and have fun!

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