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Nightlife Dubrovnik

Being one of the worlds most attractive destinations, Dubrovnik is always an interesting and adventuresome place for going for a night out.

When the night slowly falls over the City, a slow change befalls upon it and all seek for that special feel, a party, sweet as the heaven's delight.
And Dubrovnik offers that special, unique, feel, lures you with its moody trance and takes you in its undreamable dream.

The City (walled core of Dubrovnik) is the centre for most of the cultural and party happenings in Dubrovnik, like its been since the ancient times.

Nightlife in Dubrovnik begins every night after sundown as people start to walk up and down the main street - Placa street (Stradun), in a kind of a customary walk before the good times get rolling. After the few roundabouts you go get a drink or two for warm up in one of the many bars or pubs, depending upon your preference.

Dubrovnik at night - People walking on Stradun street
Dubrovnik at night - People walking up and down Placa street in the evening

You will notice that most of the bars in Dubrovnik are small and cozy. However what they miss in size, they compensate in numbers. Almost every side street in the City has a few venues, bars or pubs. Some are more popular than the other. Since the bars can not fit all the people inside, the people crowd the street and it is usual for the waiter to serve you in the street, close to the bar.

The pubs and bars work mostly until 0100 AM. However, some of the owners have a way to unofficially extend the working hours until a police patrol comes to warn them about the closing time.

Capitano Bar Dubrovnik - Atmosphere during winter months
Atmosphere in Capitano Bar Dubrovnik during the winter months

Easier events with romantic or rather quiet atmosphere are quite often. The most popular places for relaxed feel are Buža bars below the City walls, any of the beach bars in Uvala Lapad (Lapad bay), Copacabana beach on Babin Kuk, Banje and many other....

Special atmosphere can always be expected at Buniceva poljana where the bars have large table areas on the small plateau of Bunic square. Troubadour Jazz Cafe is responsible for great atmosphere as the owners, local musician family, are making live performances every night.

After the pubs and bars it is of to the clubs...

Revelin Club Dubrovnik - Bartenders Juggling with fire
Clubbing Dubrovnik - Bartenders juggle with fire at Night Club Revelin

The trends change fast, However at the moment (2012), the most popular clubs are:

  • Culture Club Revelin
    Located in the womb of the fortress Revelin, this Dubrovnik night club merges the unique feel of the ancient fortress with the sounds of the modern tunes. It features different kind of events depending on the evening, from electronic music, popular beats, to rock concerts.

  • Club Lazareti
    Located in the old quarantine from the 16th century in front of walled city Dubrovnik, to the east, in Ploce quarter this club hosts concerts, mostly rock and alternative but everything out of the ordinary goes.

  • Latino Club Fuego
    This is one of the oldest clubs in Dubrovnik. It is located on Pile, on the western side of the City. Although the name suggest Latin music. The case is that the club plays electronic music and anything popular from the sound charts and music lists.

  • Capitano Bar Dubrovnik
    It is an all night bar that could be perceived as a small club. It plays all sorts of music depending on the night. It is located on Pile side of the City..
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  • Park Orsula - Open Air Stage
    Located just off the main highway that leads out of town towards the airport Park Orsula is a scenic open stage that hosts a a regional music festival from June 16 through September 1.

The most popular night outs and happenings in Dubrovnik are:

New Years Eve in Dubrovnik - Traditionally thousands of people gather for an open air celebration on the Placa street in the City. The stage is set up under the bell tower and the crowd reaches all the way to the Pile entrance. Most of the pubs and bars hold their own small parties whereas a traditional three day electronic music party is held in Lazareti.

New Year in Dubrovnik - Celebration on Placa street (Stradun)
New Year Celebration in Dubrovnik - Feel on Placa street for New Year

Opening ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival - Thousands of people gather for this event held on the July 10th each year. The ceremony ends with beautiful fireworks lighting above the City.

Bikers party - has become an usual happening as thousands of bikers crowd up the streets to gather periodically for this gathering. The gathering features usual bike happenings, from burning the tire, wonderful bike exhibitions, short races and of course loads of beer and pure fun.

Open Air Electronic music parties - Past years such events have been held at the place of the old Hotel Belvedere, Sv. Jakov, Lopud, Šipan, Zaton etc. Known DJ-s are always playing music at these parties and are responsible for a great feel of these parties.

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