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Other places for a swim

Penatur (Šulići)
penatur beachPenatur is a very small pebble beach located in a lovely bay. On one side of the bay is the Lovrjenac fortress and Gradac is on the other side. The sea in the bay is crystal clear and has a wonderful bluish color with a touch of green. To get to Penatur is fairly easy, when on Pile just follow the road left of the small fountain located near the seat benches and Dubrovnik tourist map. That's it you are there ! Penatur is actually a name of a rock in the Kolorina bay in the next bay towards the City.


Belvedere beach

The beach is located under the former Hotel Belvedere, once the most beautiful hotel on the whole Adriatic and nowdays a renovation site.
Because the hotel is being renovated its beach is a perfect spot for bathing as only scarce group of people come to bathe on this heavenly beach.

The beach itself is rock, sloped stone and concrete terraces.
However there are many places and arrangemets for easy access to the sea. There are also numerous high, medium and small cliffs for plunging into the warm Mediterranean.
The view from Belvedere is amazing. You can see everything there is too see, what is worth of seeing, beautiful Lokrum right in front, white cruise ships on anchor in front of the Pearl of Adriatic.
It is just one of those things you must experience to begin to really appreciate...

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