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Dubrovnik Beaches

Probably, the reason why Dubrovnik Riviera beaches are so praised has its foothold in its warm, pure crystal clear sea, or scientifically high quality of the sea according to the EU criteria which justifies the country's tourist slogan: "The Mediterranean as it once was".

Dubrovnik, regarding bathing, hits the top of the charts as its whole region is tourist oriented and without any industry.

Ah, common knowledge!

so, where to bathe?

Most of the hotels in Dubrovnik, have "their own" beaches, in fact, those are all public beaches except for a few higher category hotels such as Excelsior or Argentina, which don't have public access.

and this is a place to bathe?

Most of these beaches are in fact very good, and offer a lot of additional content, to the usual calm soothing sea, warm Mediterranean sun experience such as cafe bars, restaurants, tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, possibility of renting sport equipment, canoes, kayaks etc. The most popular of the Dubrovnik public beaches are Banje , Lapad bay beaches (Vis, Adriatic...) and Copacabana beach

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Don't like crowded places?

In Croatia private coast is non existant, and the whole coast with its islands is frankly one massive beach. You can just take off in your car or a pleasure craft, drive or sail along the coast to find your one perfect place, and, still, you won't go far as every little piece of the coast lures your mind with inciting thoughts filled with romance or adventure . Or if you don't like coast spots you can discover one of Croatia's 1185 islands, maybe even rent your own lighthouse and truly enjoy your piece of heaven.

But what about beach types?

Dubrovnik Riviera comprises of all types of beaches, rock, pebble and sandy, even more it features numerous sorts of these beaches in countless varieties.

Pebble beaches are usually found in the bays and the promontories are often rock. Sandy beaches are not common however rare things always seem to be the most wondrous.

So if you like sandy beaches, there are two places you mustn't miss, two magnificent islands, Kolocep and Lopud , they are a part of the glorious group of islands located near Dubrovnik called The Elaphit Islands .

Stop the recital! What's with details?

Banje - see this wonderful beach with the view of The City

Buza - breathtaking bathing spot beneath the city walls

Copacabana - great beach with lots of content

Sv. Jakov - extraordinary beach with magnificent view

Dance - nice promontory rock beach

Naturist beaches - a quick guide through naturist beaches

Neptun - a nice rock beach under the hotel Neptun

All other beaches - various beaches

President - hotel beach with view of The Elaphite Islands

Bellevue - nice hotel beach

Lapad bay beaches - beaches in the lovely Sumratin bay

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