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Here you will find useful information for travelling in Croatia with links for more detailed or additional info resources.

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Travel documents

Passport or some other identification document recognized by international agreement proving the identity and citizenship of its holder.

For most of the countries there is no visa requirements.

Information: Croatian embassies and consulates abroad
or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia

Tel: 01 459 8018
e-mail: stranci@mvp.hr
URL: http://www.mfa.hr

The Ministry of foreign affairs and European Integration beside the usual "business" sections has a good tourist info on the page so the page is worth the visit

Drivers are recommended to have the international "Green Card" issued by the insurance company.

The maximum allowed size of a hauled vehicle in Croatia is 18 m long and 2.55 m wide. In cases of excess width a special permit shall be required and escort is obligatory.

Information available at the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development of the Republic of Croatia: http://www.mmtpr.hr

Tourists may stay up to three months.

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Customs regulations

The customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are harmonized with the standards of EU member states.

An individual may bring in or take out the national currency up to the amount of 15.000,00 kuna.
Persons, who have permanent residence in Croatia, may take out foreign currency in the amount up to 3.000,00 EUR.
All persons may freely bring into the country foreign currency. However, they are obliged to state in writing the amounts that exceed the value equivalent to 40.000,00 kuna.

Foreign and domestic travelers are exempted from customs duty for goods of a non-commercial nature, which they carry within their personal baggage, up to the value of 300,00 kuna.

In addition, travelers are exempted from duty for the following goods:
200 pcs of cigarettes, or 100 pcs of cigarillos, or 50 pcs of cigars, or 250 g of tobacco
1 litre of strong alcohol drinks
2 litres of liqueur, or dessert-or sparking wines
2 litres of ordinary table wines
perfumes up to 50 g
250 ml of cologne

Valuable professional and technical equipment must be declared on entering the country.

If a vessel is arriving by land, towed, shall be reported orally at the border crossing, and afterwards at the Harbor Master's Office (or branch office) following the same procedure of registration as vessels arriving by sea.

People traveling with pets (dogs and cats) must have an International Certificate issued by an official veterinarian demonstrating that rabies vaccinations are up to date- given at least 15 days earlier, but not more than 6 months earlier. (The Veterinarian service in Croatia is covered by a network of veterinary clinics. Information: http://www.veterinarstvo.hr)

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Foreign citizens who spend more than 500 kuna are entitled to a VAT refund by handing to the customs authorities on departure from Croatia the filled in and stamped appropriate form "Tax cheque".

Purchase tax reimbursement for foreign citizens:

Tourists making purchases in Croatia (apart from petroleum derivatives) which exceed 500 Kuna per receipt may reclaim VAT ("PDV").

At point of purchase the sales person will provide on request a form PDV-P, which should be filled out and stamped, on the spot.

On leaving Croatia the receipt must be verified by the Croatian Customs service.

A PDV refund in Kuna can be obtained within six months, either at the same shop where the goods were purchased (in which case the tax is refunded immediately), or by posting the verified receipt back to the shop, together with the account number into which the refund should be paid. In this case the refund is dealt with within 15 days of receipt of the claim.

For more Information relate to:
Customs authority of the Republic of Croatia
Tel: 01 6102 333
URL: http://www.carina.hr


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Exchanging money

There are numerous places to exchange foreign currency and most offer similar rates. The Post Office will also exchange currencies. Most places will make a charge of 1% to 1.5%. Kuna can be exchanged for another currency only at a bank and only on production of a receipt showing a prior transaction. Hungarian currency is difficult to exchange in Croatia.


Service charges are already included in your restaurant bill however; if you feel you have received excellent service then feel free to leave a tip, locals usually round the bill. Tour guides on excursions expect to be tipped and a tip of 15-20KN would be quite acceptable. Shop prices are fixed so there is no chance of bargaining however in street markets it is quite acceptable to barter.


The official currency of the Republic of Croatia is the Kuna, which has 100 Lipa. Foreign currency may be exchanged in banks, exchange offices and post offices in accordance with the valid exchange rate. Click to learn more about Croatian Currency

All major credit cards
(American Express, Diners, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard) and Eurocheques (after being changed in banks) are accepted.

Accessing money on ATMs is possible in all larger cities and the more important tourist areas; the ATMs of Zagrebacka banka accept Eurocard /Mastercard, and ATM of Euronet accept Diners, American Express and Visa.

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Tourist Tax

Registration and the payment of the tourist tax for domestic and foreign guests is mandatory according to the Tourist Tax Act and the Movement and Stay of Foreign Persons Act.

Registration for tourist tax is usually done by the hotel or the owner of private accommodation where zou are staying, if this is not the case you are required to report yourself for the tourist tax at the nearest police station within 24 hours of arrival.

The daily tourist tax depends on the destination and the period of year and is calculated per person and per overnight.
All towns and cities in the Republic of Croatia are grouped into four price categories: A, B, C and D.

In cities and towns belonging to the A category the daily tourist tax is 7.00 kuna in high season, 5.50 kuna in early-season and late-season and 4.50 kuna in low season.

In all cities and towns from the B category the daily tourist tax is 6.00 kuna in high season, 4.50 kuna in early-season and late-season and 3.50 kuna in low season.

Cities and towns in C category have a daily tourist tax of 5.00 kuna in high season, 3.50 kuna in early-season and late-season and 2.50 kuna in low season.

Cities and towns in D category have a daily tourist tax of 4.00 kuna in high season, 2.50 kuna in early-season and late-season and 2.00 kuna in low season.

The duration of high season, early-season and late-season varies from county to county.

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Working Hours

Working Hours of banks and post offices are generally open from 7AM to 7PM without breaks, and public offices from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM.
During the tourist season, post offices are generally open until 9PM, including Saturdays. Shops and department stores work from 8AM to 8PM without breaks.

Health services

Foreign tourists do not have to pay for medical services if there is a signed health insurance convention between Croatia and their country of origin. Health care costs for tourists from a country that does not have a signed convention with Croatia are paid directly by the user in accordance with listed prices.

Hospitals are in all of the larger cities and clinics in the smaller towns. Pharmacies are open from 8 am to 7 pm weekdays, till 2 pm Saturdays; in larger cities on-duty pharmacies are open 24 hours.

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Important information

International Country code



Fire brigade



Road Assistance

Tel: 987

e-mail: 987@hak.hr

Note: If calling from abroad or by cellular phone dial +385 1 987
General information

Information on local and long-distance telephone numbers
International phone directory

Weather forecast and road conditions

060 520 520

Croatian Auto Club (HAK)

01 4640 800;


e-mail: info@hak.hr

Croatian Angels

062 999 999

( number for tourist information for all Croatia)
For calls from abroad dial: +385 62 999 999

Service is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian from March 25 to October 15.

Rescue Co-Ordination Center

The Rescue Co-ordination Center is managed by the Rescue Co-ordination head office in Rijeka, on duty 24h a day on VHF channels 10 and 16 and telephone number 9155

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Mobile Phone Networks In Croatia

Croatia has 3 commercial systems of mobile phone networks:

T- mobile 098;
098 1555 (Information for tourists)

VIPnet 091;
091 7799 (Information for tourists)

Tele2 095;

Near villages on the islands and ashore audibility is good, although there are still areas at sea that are not covered.

Tele 2 is a new network in Croatia and still has some coverage issues. If you are having problems placing a call to a Croatian GSM network you should contact the customer service of your mobile phone service provider.

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Radio news in foreign languages during the tourist season

On several channels, the Croatian Radio broadcasts programs in foreign languages for tourists in the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Radio First Channel daily broadcasts a 5-10 minute program in English.

On the Second Channel of the Croatian Radio along with regular news in Croatian, HAK will broadcast reports on road condition in English, German and Italian and information for boaters several times a day.

Also on the Second Channel of the Croatian Radio, every hour on the hour, news and reports on road conditions are broadcast in alteration directly from studios of: Third Program of the Bavarian Radio, Third Program of the Austrian Radio, RAI Uno, British Virgin Radio. Throughout the day information for boaters are broadcast in English and Croatian.

For more info on Croatian Radio programme go the the homepage of the Croatian Radiotelevision: http://www.hrt.hr/hr/

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Environment protection

Protection of biodiversity is in accordance with the valid EU regulations.
As regards bathing, the sea in the Croatian Adriatic is of high quality according to the EU criteria.
In case of an accident or pollution of the sea, please notify the National Rescue Coordination Center on telephone number 9155 (toll-free phone), which is included in the network of international institutions of the same level.

In case of an extraordinary environment pollution on land, please notify the National Center for Notification, telephone number 01/ 481 4911

Additional environment information telephone number:
tel: 01/ 610 6111 or 378 4820


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Gas rates and list of gas stations info:



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