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Travel to Dubrovnik

There are several different ways to arrive in Dubrovnik:

- Plane
- Car
- Ship
- Train (only to Ploce - 2hrs drive from Dubrovnik)

Flights to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport is a small and modern airport with only one runway. During the summer months the airport is crowded with airplanes as many charter flights fly to Dubrovnik in this period. Getting around airport is fairly easy as there is only one terminal with separated arrival gates for local flights and international flights. It is good to know that in case of bad weather in Dubrovnik airplanes land on Split airport.

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Driving to Dubrovnik

If you decide on driving to Dubrovnik depending where you start from you may have a long road ahead of you. If driving to Dubrovnik from the west you will have two options, driving by the Croatian highway and then continuing by normal road to Dubrovnik, or simply driving the whole way by normal road to Dubrovnik. However we do not recommend the latter option as what you save on Croatian Highway toll you may well pay to the police for driving above the speed limit.
Driving from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, to Dubrovnik takes about 6 hours, from which 4 hours will be the highway ride. The distance is approximately 600 kilometres (400 miles).
To arrive in Dubrovnik you will have to transit the Bosnia&Herzegovina border at Neum. The border crossing is soft and the length of the transit area is about 20 kilometres (15miles).

Ship travel to Dubrovnik

If you decide to Travel to Dubrovnik by ship or a ferry you may be interested to know that there are two companies that sail to Dubrovnik.
The national owned company Jadrolinija is holding most of the ferry lines to Dubrovnik. while the only other company keeping a line to Dubrovnik is Azzura line. Azzura line holds a line from Bari to Dubrovnik.

Inter railing to Dubrovnik

Arrival by train in Dubrovnik is not possible. The farthest you can go is Ploce and there you have to catch a bus to Dubrovnik. Ride by bus from Ploce to Dubrovnik takes about two hours. The train to Ploce is going from Sarajevo. The train ride from Sarajevo to Ploce takes about 7 hours.


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